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Well they're sort of requests because I can't send you the finished project.

Comment on this journal or send me a note! I do traditional art mostly, although I do a little sewing and I might be able to produce a passable digital image.

Things I WILL NOT DRAW (or sew):
Any sort of fetish or nudity or junk like that (I'm a minor, and asexual)
Any sort of gore (I don't see how that would work with the characters anyway, but I still had to say it. I'll do corruption and some minor injuries though.)
Bad words on the picture or someone's clothes (I'm a respectable person)

Thanks, your requests are very appreciated! If you want Undertale commissions, swing on over to that journal in my gallery. I also do crossovers.


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United States
I'm not an artist. I don't have fancy software, I just use pencil and fabric and that sort of thing. I also write. My fandoms include MLP: Fim, Undertale, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus, Greek Mythology, Disney (especially Haunted Mansion), Ever After and Monster High, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Secret Series. And most of all, I love Jesus! (Hey, why hide it? I'm not ashamed in the least.) Hopefully you'll see a little bit of all of my fandoms eventually.
I respond to every comment, and free drawing commissions are always open!


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